With an area of ​​about 600 square meters, our “atelier” is the ideal place to host and come into contact with the Tomassi company. A creative furnishing laboratory, where research, development and style are intertwined thanks to the presence of experienced Interior Designers, who conceive, interpret and process the requests of each client, from the idea to the realization.

The services offered include the vision and choice of products through a wide range of materials, and refined and customized finishes, design executions and innovative production techniques to create exclusive furnishings, through a ‘made to measure’ approach.

Our Territory

The Marche, a truly surprising region that has managed to maintain that somewhat secluded atmosphere that smacks of traditions and respect for its past, capable of surprising and fascinating even the most demanding visitor.

In the region of the blue sea and the very long beaches, the hundred cities, the hundred landscapes and the hundred dishes, it is a shame to follow a predetermined path, because here everything is beautiful: it is a pleasure to wander aimlessly along the roads that climb hills covered by olive trees, vineyards, sunflowers and lavender, a stone’s throw from the ancient walled villages that, high on the hills, dot the territory. The Marche is a land rich in art and culture and ancient crafts that are still handed down today in the artisan shops. The raw materials are processed with ancient art, respecting local traditions. From this wisdom, from “know-how”, the excellence of Made in Italy is born and modeled.

A rare beauty that has made it a land of great personalities, from Giacomo Leopardi to Raphael, from Giovan Battista Pergolesi to Gioachino Rossini, from Gaspare Spontini to Father Matteo Ricci to Frederick II, who were born here.

Atelier - Tomassi Galanti