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Each of our kitchens comes from a combination of forms, shapes, and materials which turn into fine and exclusive customised designs.
Doors are the kitchen dress mixing both premium materials and tactile sensations from the processing. They are elements of aesthetic appeal inspired by your uniqueness where functionality and efficiency come together.
Gea Concept
Among all natural elements like marble, wood, or stone, we have selected those that better express a strict relationship with the planet. Our haute couture approach enables us to shape such materials according to your unique ideas, spaces, and needs. Gea collection’s elegance and authenticity derive from the choice of pure elements like Oak wood, Walnut and Canaletto Walnut woods or Tulip wood and Birch wood for lacquered versions.
A half round texture with elegant dynamism reflects a fabric pattern and creates a chiaroscuro effect by giving the surface an active aspect.
Thanks to accurate milling, a set of vertical “C”-shaped ribs creates an original pattern with a contemporary design and 3D effect.
The frame door in solid wood expresses classical traits in addition to highlighting a linear yet elegant moulding with premium materials.
A stripe-ribbed surface featuring optical effects created by vertical listels and irregular wood and marble veins for a unique aesthetic appeal.
A flat and clean surface with no reliefs or ribs. Whether it is an oblique cut or an extra glossy finishing, the material is the only protagonist. And this means one thing: simply elegance.
An extremely slim frame drawing the panel’s fine profile with colour tones contrast and matching for an innovative and unprecedented reinterpretation.
A perfect shape with a concave half round texture which creates extra depth and reproduces an outstanding game of lights regardless of the material used.
A small yet fundamental element which makes the kitchen appealing and emphasises its identity like shiny lights on jewels. This is the reason why we opted for handles with the names recalling shiny stars. Of all our finishes are included: Bronze, Gunmetal, Inox, Brass, Gold, Aluminum Mix Mosaic, Vintage Metal, and more; all in both glossy and matte versions.
A hollow placed on the front door that extends horizontally all along the upper margin of the panel serving as the opening itself. The best of functionality and clearness for the door design.
Like a spotlight in precious stones, the knob is a detail that can make the difference in the door design. It enhances the style and the classical inspiration.
The minimalist shape and accurate carving decoration fuse into a circle-shaped handle with firm grip. The classical soul with a mark of modernity.
The surface grip graphics and pattern finely contrast the handle simple lines by giving balanced discontinuity and renewed beauty.
A reinvented knob with squared shapes and a contemporary look ceating an eye-catching visual impact and a unique scheme.
A continuous line links the rational form of the handle with the sinuous design of the metal plate to deliver a wonderful effect. The harmonious contact where the handle plate and door merge together.
Moon Hill
Basic and simple lines restructure the handle type and slightly overcome aesthetics. More importance is attached to functionality rather than design, but shapes still express a magical sense of beauty.
A sober yet formal design reproduced in timeless gentle shapes for a model that softly fit in the kitchen to exalt all its elements.
The dynamic chiaroscuro effect produced by the ribbed handle surface guarantees firm grip and delivers exceptional aesthetic appeal.
An almost invisible presence for a handle that well camouflage in the layout. A light and thin element for the maximum grip comfort in a strong personality kitchen.
From premium woods, to sumptuous marbles and stones, to glass and mosaic-shaped metals. A wide range of materials and finishings to choose from to obtain a unique kitchen. Unique as you are. We create elegance to enhance your uniqueness.
Ottone Matte
Gold Glossy
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Bronzo Glossy
Bronzo Matte
Gunmetal Matte
Inox Cromo
Inox Matte
Gunmetal Glossy
Mosaico Ottone
Gold Matte
Marbles and stones
Port Laurent
Pietra grey
Bianco statutario
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Nero marquinia
Golden Calacatta
Emperador dark
Rosso rubino - RAL 3003
Bianco segnale - RAL 9003
Grigio chiaro - RAL 7035
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Grigio antracite - RAL 7016
Nero - RAL 9005
Turchese menta - RAL 6033
Grigio argento - RAL 7001
Verde pastello - RAL 6019
Grigio quarzo - RAL 7039
Bianco puro - RAL 9010
Bianco perla - RAL 1013
Blue TG - RAL 5011
Beige Tortora - RAL 1019
Bianco - RAL 9016
Rosso fuoco - RAL 3000
Turchese pastello - RAL 6034
Grigio bluastro - RAL 7031
Alluminio caldo - RAL 9007
Bianco Papiro - RAL 9018
Perla metallizzato
Grigio seta - RAL 7044
Alluminio ice - RAL 9006
Rovere silver
Palissandro Indiano
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Ebano Alpi
Noce Canaletto naturale
Rovere moro
Ebano Allmar
Rovere Terra
Palissandro Santos
Rovere fumo
Rovere Dark
Ebano Makasar
Rovere Light
Noce Grano
Noce Ambra
Noce Fumo
Noce Canaletto Tinto
Noce miele
Noce Terra
Noce Cenere
Ebano Datuk
Faggio lamellare
Cherry Pink
Rovere naturale
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