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A flat and clean surface with no reliefs or ribs. Whether it is an oblique cut or an extra glossy finishing, the material is the only protagonist. And this means one thing: simply elegance.

Among Yoho National Park summits, Lake Emerald is a spectacular natural beauty which reflects all sky images as a mirror. Here, low altitude and high humidity make it possible for specific flora to grow.

Project Moscow
The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where the whole family meets.
Project Rio
The coloristic solution ofthe interior is based on a combination of noble texture of dark wood, delicate blue shadeand black marble.
Project Lauterbrunnen
Taking inspiration from authentic textures, I aimed to combine the true beauty of natural materials with the modern aesthetics of a comfortable space
Project Singapore
A sensational kitchen ambiance featuring the island at the core of a linear layout with a clear and rational design as the combination of cooking and living the kitchen.
Project Paris
Here is where tradition and innovation harmoniously meet. This is the space where black and white fade. Project Paris is a refined and classical creation featuring the timeless charm of glass doors and chromium-plate knobs.
Project Hong Kong
The very core of the kitchen is the island element hosting a working area with the cooktop embedded in Nero Marquinia Marble.
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