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Our creations are a mixture of functionality and aesthetics to obtain optimally customised solutions.
Project Moscow
Collezione: Gea
The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where the whole family meets.
Project Rio
Collezione: Gea
The coloristic solution ofthe interior is based on a combination of noble texture of dark wood, delicate blue shadeand black marble.
Project Etretat
Collezione: Gea
I created this project only guided by my emotions and warm memories that I experienced in the city of Etretat. phisticated solution, we get a unique and memorable piece of furniture.
Project Lauterbrunnen
Collezione: Gea
Taking inspiration from authentic textures, I aimed to combine the true beauty of natural materials with the modern aesthetics of a comfortable space
Project Singapore
Collezione: Gea
A sensational kitchen ambiance featuring the island at the core of a linear layout with a clear and rational design as the combination of cooking and living the kitchen.
Project New York
Collezione: Gea
Project New York is the exaltation of precious materials in a work of art where Golden Calacatta marble is magically embedded in the Canaletto Walnut frame door with its characteristic wood grains.
Project Paris
Collezione: Gea
Here is where tradition and innovation harmoniously meet. This is the space where black and white fade. Project Paris is a refined and classical creation featuring the timeless charm of glass doors and chromium-plate knobs.
Project Lisbon
Collezione: Gea
A special manufacturing process blending technology and refined handicraft delivers a spectacular ribbed wood texture solution.
Project Hong Kong
Collezione: Gea
The very core of the kitchen is the island element hosting a working area with the cooktop embedded in Nero Marquinia Marble.
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