Creativity Craftsmanship Quality

The Tomassi Galanti laboratories, each specialized in the processing of different materials, guarantee the highest quality of the finished product.
The engineering specialists select the best mechanical components and study the correct functioning of each element, which, together with the excellent quality of the materials and their workmanship, create collections full of prestige, design and comfort.
The creative team, made up of architects, designers and style experts, takes inspiration from the most varied fields, such as high fashion, motor racing and nature, to give shape to unique projects.
“Creations inspired by our passions and our dreams”.


Believe in man

A sartorial working method that puts “man” at the center of every creation: Tomassi Galanti is the ideal partner for your exclusively Made in Italy design projects.
“Unique unidentifiable pieces, modeled over time following the rhythms of society and culture, in union with our dreams and our passions” Tomassi Galanti
Our goal is to satisfy and interpret the requests of each client through a real creative path where people are the main players.
For this, we work in close collaboration with our clients, architects and designers: to transform an idea or an intuition into reality.
Culture and beauty improve mankind and are values ​​that inspire us every day. Corporate goals must never interfere with human dignity and the sustainability of growth. Our places and our people are our nectar, the world and its peoples our customers. Every day we work hard to grow with courage, tenacity and harmony; loyalty and positivity reign in our laboratories. We take every challenge, we often win them, sometimes we lose them, but we learn quickly from our mistakes. We don’t complain, we don’t give up, ever. Every evening, when we turn off the lights in our laboratories, we ask ourselves if we have left the company better than how we found it in the morning.
If you can imagine it, you can do it” – Walt Disney.

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