Bespoke – Handmade

Real “made in Italy” high quality is synonymous of Tomassi: sublime manufactures hand-worked by our master artisans, which have been able to ride the waves of new technologies.
Our extreme attention to quality makes possible that any product will have undoubted durability. This skill has become our added value and a trademark of Tomassi’s products.

Each raw material is crafted in its specialized workshop, this process guarantees great production quality in any details and processing stage. Mechanical components chosen for you by skilled engineers, who minutely check that every single element will work perfectly.
Excellent handling of raw materials combined with superb components functioning create exclusive and prestigious products with the best comfort and daily-use skills.


Making an idea turn into reality is possible! We cooperate closely with our customers, architects and interior designers to create the most unique creation!

Passion, expert craftsmanship and the finest materials are the foundations of any process of our production. It doesn’t matter whether a single product or the whole furnishing, they are always combined together.

You are an interior designer, architects or dealer and do you want to fit you spaces with Tomassi’s products?
Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to make your dream come true!



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