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The third generation passes to the helm of the company: Giacomo and Giovanni Tomassi Galanti, sons of Antonio, strengthen the Tomassi Galanti brand, a name that brings with it over 60 years of experience and esteem in the sector.
The company headquarters moves to Villa Albani, a historic residence in the municipality of Vallefoglia, and the company logo changes its look: created from the ancient family coat of arms, it has its roots in the values ​​and history that distinguish the family.

New commercial branches are opened around the world: Shanghai, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, New York, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago.
Giving added value to the concept of luxury is the cornerstone of the renovation. The new corporate strategy retains the values ​​of previous generations, expanding the range of furniture, both commercial and residential, to the whole world, but keeping kitchens as a core business. Thanks to a new and large production capacity, the company collections are accompanied by tailor-made products, designed to meet the needs of each customer and the challenges of the most ambitious designers.

Tomassi Galanti affirms itself in the creation of public places such as restaurants, hotels, shops, hotels and offices, objectives achieved thanks to the use of the most sophisticated technologies, to a team with a high professional profile and an important network of master craftsmen who have always collaborate in the creation of our products.


“Take my people away and leave the empty companies and soon the grass will grow on the floor of the wards. Take the companies away from me and leave me the people I work with and soon I will have better companies than before.” – Andrew Carnegie


Our team is made up of professionals who have dedicated most of their career to the growth and historical values ​​of the Tomassi company, values ​​transmitted with dedication to the youngest collaborators.

Each worker, collaborator and manager works with commitment and passion to create luxury products capable of satisfying all our customers. The most technological machinery and the finest materials are not enough to make furniture of great build quality. Only the craftsmanship and knowledge of our people can give life to the real products signed Tomassi Galanti.

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