What tools do you use to design my kitchen?

By entering your email on our website page, you will be able to download our catalogue and you will gain access to a plenty of information and suggestions on how to create your kitchen with the possibility to choose materials, finishings and so on. If you wish, we can also send you a local company reference figure contacts in order to let you see and touch our products providing explanations and recommendations. All our resellers and interior designers come with samples kit, catalogue, and software to configure your ideal kitchen. In our official reselling points, you will find a wide range of showcased kitchens altogether with all compatible colours and finishings as well as all available credit subsidies.

How to choose kitchen doors?

Besides all aesthetical and qualitative preferences, some specific elements require attention when it comes to the kitchen doors’ choice. Such elements are: scratch-, heat-, and water-resistance, maintenance, easy cleaning.

What is the difference among laminated wood, veneered wood, melamine-coated wood?

Laminated wood is a heat-pressed panel made up of various paper layers and thermosetting resins that is then glued to a support, be it chipboard, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), or wood (blockboard or plywood). Among all its layers, the last is a decorative and protective one which determines aesthetics and resistance.

Veneered wood is a type of wood whose surface is coated with fine wood layers. It requires little maintenance and features strong resistance against scratches and shocks.

Melamine wood is composed of various heat-pressed chipboard layers and is coated with a decorative layer soaked in melamine resins. It features medium resistance against abrasions and moisture, and is easy to clean.

What kinds of household appliances can be included?

The company provides a good range of household appliances to choose from by asking the reseller. Alternatively, whatever appliance (no matter the brand) can be purchased either at the company or privately with an extra charge.

Is it possible to hide household appliances in the kitchen?

Yes, sure. This can be done either by covering them with the same materials used for the kitchen doors or by creating specific furniture to put the appliances in.

Why opt for a kitchen with island or peninsula?

In addition to lending themselves to a large worktop, island and peninsula give the kitchen a new layout as well as serving as the ideal dividing element between the kitchen area and the dining or living area. The countertop can also be used for breakfasts, fast meals, or even aperitifs in company.

Linear and angular kitchens | Advantages

Linear models are the most versatile and adaptable to both narrow spaces, with kitchen and living areas together, and large spaces, with the option of creating various separate kitchen units. Angular kitchens can also include accessories and pull-out baskets to take advantage of the available space.

Do you also work for integrations on other kitchens?

Yes, we do. If the kitchen is not ours or it was created a long time ago, we try to match manufacturing and colours with some tolerance according to time and new technologies.

How are delivery times set?

Delivery times are set for 60 to 90 days as for standard goods except for some classical luxury models which may require up to 120 days.

Has the company always been called TOMASSI GALANTI?

Actually no, it has not. TOMASSI GALANTI’s Family has always been manufacturing kitchens since 1954. During the various family business and corporate governance system stages, the company has updated its image and brand by maintaining loyalty to the founder’s core-business and principles.

Who are your competitors?

Our company manufactures “tailored” kitchens with a high level of customisation.

Our products are located in a specific niche market between the notorious brand for premium manufactures and the carpenter who attempts to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Do you only manufacture kitchens?

Our core-business is kitchens and so 75% of our turnover is represented by kitchen cabinets. However, we can also manufacture tailored interior furniture according to our models and available finishings.

Who is the ideal intermediary to purchase Tomassi Galanti’s kitchens from?

The most suitable figure to promote our products can be that of the interior designer and/or all possessing a good taste and a solid and technical knowledge about furniture. Only with these attributes, a great variety of processes and finishing options can be combined to create a special kitchen.

Since our company is willing to deliver experiences and emotions to our customers, those with the “I have been doing so for a long time now” philosophy who are not willing to experiment and create, are not apt for working in and for us.

How much do your products cost?

Tomassi Galanti’s products come with a strongly competitive price compared to the sector’s players. A key selling point is for sure high quality in materials employed as well as fast and direct service. So, we can proudly state that our company delivers more quality on a same price basis.