Tomassi Galanti Manifesto
Culture and Company values

Tomassi Galanti has always been designing and creating high-quality kitchens which translate into beauty for those who love to live in beauty. Our core values are founded on staff members’ and collaborators’ contributions according to role and task, but also technical, creative, and social skills. Our objective is to improve space and time within the company to make it attractive, solid, competitive and the ambassador of the company’s mission: “Create Beauty to live”

Every action, operation, negotiation, and any other activity performed by the staff must comply with all company policies ranging from administration fairness to information transparency, completeness, and reliability. Cooperation, loyalty, and mutual respect must reflect in relationships at all levels, both between staff members and between staff members and third parties alike.

We attach utmost importance to those working in Tomassi directly contributing to the company’s development. Through work, every individual shows their personality and achieves their goals: improving the quality of our work means improving the quality of our life. Tomassi Galanti is fully committed to developing the members’ skills so as to let them find their own way within the company and the other people related to it.

Great importance is also attached to the respect for ethics and the environment as an essential principle to follow in our everyday life. We have a moral and professional duty in rigorously observing all principles and measures concerning health, environment, and safety in the workplace. To this end, we are strong supporters of a safety and risk awareness campaign and so, we invite people at all levels to adopt responsible and conscious behaviours in accordance with the safety measures system framework.

Our ambitious 2021-2025 Five-year commercial strategy aims at reactivating international markets such as Russia, Ukraine, former USSR countries, and Switzerland, in addition to some Italian markets like Le Marche, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont, and some big cities like Rome and Naples. At the same time, what we are planning to do is to also create business opportunities in “new or not yet consolidated” markets such as the USA, the Middle East, Africa, and China.

The company team is united, skilled, and passionate and the average age is 35, including the owners. The shared idea is looking into the future always oriented to innovation in a broad sense. Thanks to a digitalisation project which has already begun, our dream will become true.