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Our objective is to create a kitchen that perfectly matches your home and ideal view of life. This is the reason why we provide a wide range of materials, styles, and finishings able to be mixed together under the sign of maximum and premium customisation. In a first encounter, on the one hand, we dedicate ourselves to understanding your ideas, needs, and budget options; on the other hand, we serve you with our opinion and historical expertise and know-how. Once this stage is over, we prepare to draft a prospective design screening all our possibilities: from our proposals, to the space arrangement, to the cabinet’s layout, to the workspace in general.
All the information obtained initially is then processed through elaborating a design and quotation draft. Meantime, through photorealistic renderings and innovative technologies, you will also see your prospective kitchen in a virtual setting resembling that of the house where it is going to be installed. Every time following your needs, we do our best to deliver top services in creating customised kitchens tailored to you.
Confirmation and order
Once the kitchen’s design and structure are defined, we ask for confirmation about the precise measurements and the right position of the electric and water systems. Alternatively, we can provide on-site technical inspection to detect the systems with a paid-for service upon request. Lastly, after an accurate and detailed design control, the order is finalised and the kitchen sent to production.
Installation is operated by our experts whose efficiency has no equals. Our collaborators, ranging from architects to interior designers to installers, always prove to be highly professional with a solid expertise in the field throughout the whole design process, from the conception to the assembling.
Tomassi Galanti is anytime available for further in-depth questions and clarifications in addition to giving warranty on its products. Our company has always been by the customer’s side with the very best assistance in the keeping of their kitchens since 1954. “Nowadays, 50 years later, some of our customers call our company office and show us pictures of doors and handles asking for spare parts. Following our question “How old is your kitchen?”, many of them answer: “Well…should be of our wedding…like 1970 or 1981 or so…”. With the smile on, what we say is: “For sure we will find a solution…let me have a talk with Mr. Tomassi Galanti to see what we can do…”
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